BSC 1044 Understanding Spiritual Authority
Spiritual Authority Quiz Chapters 1-10
Instructor: Dr. Ronald L. Hamm
1.According to Romans 13: 1, God alone is authority in all things: all the authorities of the earth are instituted by Him. (True)
4. What are the two principles in the universe?  
5.What was the cause of man a result of? Disobedience to God’s authority?
6.The church suffers because of many who do not know how to                                              , but she is likewise damaged through some who have not learned how to be in                                              .
7.Authority is not a matter of outside instruction but of inward what?  
8. Submitting to authority is not subjection to a person but to the anointing upon that person.
9.Who represents authority in the Godhead?  
10. Who represents obedience?
11.While Jesus was upon the earth, God the Father was greater than God the Son. 
12. God exalts whoever humbles himself. Is this a divine principle?  
13.According to Hebrews 5:8,9 how did Jesus learn obedience?’ 
14. God calls us not only to receive His life through                                                     , but also to maintain His authority through   
15. There can be no church without the                                         , and there can be no further extension of God’s kingdom without the 
16.  What happens when a person resists authority? 
18.What words did Eve add to God's command concerning the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?
17.What happens when a person resists authority? 
19.II Corinthians 10:5 suggests that man's rebellion basically takes place where?  
20.Man's thoughts are controlled by either one of two powers: either by                                                   or by the                                                     of Christ.
2. The greatest of God’s demands on man is not for him to bear the cross, to serve, give offerings, or deny himself. The greatest demand is for him to obey. 
3.To serve God, we are not called to choose self-denial or sacrifice; rather we are called to fulfil God’s purpose. 
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