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General Information

To be admitted, all candidates are required to create an application package. This package should contain:

  • A recent photo of yourself (family photos are acceptable)
  • A  resume of  your  life  and  ministry experience
  • A statement of your salvation experience 
  • A check, money order or credit card number for at least $100 for your initial tuition payment
  • Include in your initial  payment the cost of the first book(s)
  • Transcripts from other colleges attended. 
  • Copies of certificates of completion
  • Other documentation of higher education

When complete, the packet must be sent via email to IMFBCAdmissions@yahoo.com.  Once the Admissions Office receives the completed packet, with the agreed upon tuition payment, the applicant will be notified regarding acceptance and will receive a personalized degree plan. The initial payment will be applied to tuition or will be refunded if the applicant is not accepted for any reason.

Receiving Transfer Credits
IMF Bible College will accept in transfer all course credits from any reputable Christian institution. When possible, they will be applied to the student's specific degree track. All credits earned from Christian Biblie Colleges and  affiliated institutions will be accepted. 

General Information

Applicants for admission are considered 
without regard to sex, age, color, 
national or ethnic origin, meeting the 
guidelines of the Civil Rights Act, Section
1984 and all other local and federal 
IMFBC will accept any and all individuals 
who desire to increase their knowledge
of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Each 
prospective student will be assessed 
according to academic background 
and experience. An individualized 
program of study will be set up to 
meet those needs. 

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